Fresh Roasted Coffee

Fresh roasted coffee is the bridge that connects the finest green beans available to your brewer and the best cup of coffee. So why is the following statement so common?

"I love the smell of coffee, but I hate the taste."

Coffee is a very complex drink and specialty coffee is often compared to fine wine. There are over 400 chemical compounds in coffee beans with subtle tastes and aromas enhanced at different points in the roasting process.

The winemaker has control of all phases of winemaking including bottling. When the wine is uncorked, it is ready to be enjoyed.

The coffee roaster cooks the beans to perfection. S/he massages the heat and air, timing it all the way through the roast to reach the desired aromas and fragrances and then ending it at the perfect time to preserve the perfect taste. After packaging and shipping, there are many steps that can...and often do... compromise the taste before it hits the cup.

Roasted Coffee Beans

Whether it is fruit, nuts, chocolate, floral or other aromas that are locked in the beans, they do not just appear in the cup by accident. A knowledgeable roaster brings them to the forefront.

Once it leaves the roaster, there are many steps along the way that can degrade the aromas, fragrances and ultimately the taste. The most common complaint is bitter coffee. But weak, strong and tasteless are also a few other common complaints.

There are articles to explain the reason for these complaints while offering helpful hints to prevent them from occurring. They deal with things like:

  • Storing the whole bean properly to keep the flavor from diminishing quickly.
  • Grinding just before brewing and matching the size of the grind to the brewing method.
  • Explaining brewing methods and performing them properly.
  • Keeping coffee fresher longer after the brew.

We want to help you enjoy the perfect cup of coffee each time you brew, so look through the articles and start enjoying the best tasting coffee with every cup.


Costa Rican Coffee Plantation


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